Existential Threats Being dependent on computer science can cause a threat to crypto, from those who know cryptocurrency. To destroy bitcoin currency in June 2014, a group of miners made enough processing power. In 2016, ethereum was hacked and they lost the value to $56 million. These threats caused a lot of problems as it was getting hard to maintain the fluctuations in the prices. Somehow these both currencies have managed to survive and flourished day by day. Ripple and Litecoin are the two cryptocurrencies who always ranked top. They are also known as the key players of the cryptocurrency. The Japan bank consortium announced to use the blockchain technology for its app known as money tap. Ripple is dealing with both domestic and cross border payments. Further ethereum and bitcoin will be on the top spots. Two sides of the coin In 2016 there were some rumors about crypto public perception. Financial commodities have no idea about the inconsistency. In other words, they used to say that the reputation of crypto itself is not trustworthy, just like their fluctuations in the prices. Then in February, there was a news that japan is thinking to make bitcoin their legal tender. The United States stated for not considering this currency as real after a few months. As they believe there is only some crypto money which is real.